Babe, are you ready to finally lose weight? 

Put an end to all the conflicting crazy information out there?

I know, it can be damn confusing. No crazy diets, no cutting out food groups. No more eating perfectly all day, only to over eat on all the snacks at night. 


I have been there. Spending heaps of money on diets that give you crazy rules and restrictions. Ones that were never going to be 'long term' but just to get the weight off. So many diet plans out there dishing out complicated rules, making you feel like you shouldn't and cant eat foods you love, while being focused on fast results that just don't work long term!

None of these diets worked for me. Every time, I would start out motivated and 'strong'. Only to end up feeling emotionally drained and deprived. 

Why didn't they work? Well. It all comes down to one key concept that I had to learn the hard way. If the method you're using is unsustainable. The results will be too! Find a method that you can maintain for the rest of your life

This is exactly why I created my BAM method. After implementing it, the results spoke for themselves...

If someone would have shown me this a few years ago, I would have never believed you. I would have told you that it was impossible. That it had to be some photoshop of some sorts.
Not only that, but that I would become a weight loss coach who would go on to help thousands of women use snippets of my BAM method to transform their lives through Instagram page, blog and private clients. It blows my mind every single time. 

I'm going to show you how to not only lose the weight and tone up, but to actually keep it off for life.

Because you see, most diets out there just focus on one side of the coin. All the things you 'can't' eat. Crazy fast results that are too good to be true. Giving you meal plans that taste bland and make you miss your 'normal' foods.

They never take into account that losing weight can be an EMOTIONAL rollercoaster! There will be times where self doubt will show up, or when willpower will be limited, when you feel like giving up or when you had a bad day and decided to dive into that pint of ice cream. 

They over simplify nutrition without taking personal food preferences into consideration. Simply telling someone to cut carbs, or only drink green juices is a cookie cutter generalised approach, which may get you results in the short term. But in the long run, you'll just miss your old way of eating. 

For me, my breaking point was when I got yet another meal plan, from yet another personal trainer. I was so frustrated, seeing how limited it was. 
I was tired of being stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle where I would eat 'so clean' all week, only to dive into chocolates, cakes, & chips all weekend. 

I started off, as a beginner and didn't have anything to guide me:

  • I was confused with what I should be eating for my goal. 
  • I was overwhelmed with all the confusing information out there.
  • I wanted to know my personal calories and macro split for my goal, without relying on vague online calculators. 
  • I was confused with how much exercise I needed to do for my goal
  • I wanted to eat my favourite foods and still achieve my weight loss goals!
  • I was confused with what I should be eating for my goal. 
  • I was overwhelmed with all the confusing information out there.
  • I wanted to know my personal calories and macro split for my goal, without relying on vague online calculators. 
  • I was confused with how much exercise I needed to do for my goal
  • I wanted to eat my favourite foods and still achieve my weight loss goals!
After some time, I was able to figure this all out. But then I ran into a new set of problems:
  • I was tired of macro counting, and wanted to learn how to sustain and progress my goals without needing to track.
  • I was at my 'goal weight' yet I still didn't feel like I was enough, and wasn't truly confident.
  • I wanted to have full control over food, and genuinely FEEL SATISFIED with every single meal I ate. 
  • I was tired of macro counting, and wanted to learn how to sustain and progress my goals without needing to track.
  • I was at my 'goal weight' yet I still didn't feel like I was enough, and wasn't truly confident.
  • I wanted to have full control over food, and genuinely FEEL SATISFIED with every single meal I ate. 

I did so much trial and error. Made a heap of mistakes. Found out what worked and what didn't. Then simplified it down into a 2 step hybrid method that ended up not only changing my life, but thousands of others. 

I went through all the trial and error so you don't have to. This formula is one of the most effective, hybrid methods out there at the moment which covers all that you need to know when it comes to losing weight and being 100% confident that you will never gain it back again!

Because you see, there are a lot of methods out there that either involve strict macro tracking or purely relying on intuition.

This is where a lot of people feel stuck and confused.

I'm here to get you unstuck.
Both of these have their limitations because macro tracking is not a long term solution (you don’t want to be tracking for the rest of your life) and a lot of people use vague online calculators or calculations that do not factor in a person's metabolism

Then there’s also often a lot of confusion when it comes to relying solely on intuition as a lot of people don’t know what and how much they should be eating for their goal. Also a lot of foods are designed to work against our intuition these days and be super tasty and highly palatable to keep us wanting more- while being quite calorie dense!

This approach in itself can get confusing and limit flexibility! I realised I needed some sort of middle ground and couldn’t find it in a lot of these methods. So that was when I started to use my BAM formula, which uses the best of both of these strategies, taking the best parts of each, tweaking it and placing it into one hybrid method.

You're exactly where you need to be. Drop It For Life will equip you with all you need, to become your OWN weight-loss coach and achieve your goals for LIFE!
After taking action. I changed my life forever. 
No, I didn't do some crazy diet. I didn't cut carbs, go on juice cleanses or take some crazy pills. Instead, I got clarity on what and how much I needed to eat, and learnt how to follow through. 

Because learning about food, and how much you should be eating to reach your goal is only one side of the coin. 

The other side, is learning to follow through with your commitment to yourself, without beating yourself up about it and find consistency. 

After I implemented the exact steps I describe in Drop It For Life, I learned that how you chose to lose weight has to be something that you are willing to do for life. 

Once I learnt that, the results speak for themselves...

Now does that mean you will get the same results?
That depends.
I only want those that will 100% benefit from this course and be a good fit. 
So if you’re someone that is looking for quick fixes, or overnight short term results then Drop it for life is not for you. Drop it for life is geared at LONG TERM sustainable weight loss, that is in if for the long run. 

I also want to say that while the academy offers some of the best information out there, and walks you through step by step in an easy and bite sized way. It is ultimately you who has to be committed and follow the steps to achieving the results you want. 

Most people who don’t see results are those that aren’t willing to make a commitment and be committed to following through after purchasing.

Lastly, If you're under 18, then this program is not for you. 

So if you’re someone that is ready to achieve what is possible, and willing to do the work, then honestly I believe that the sky's the limit and this is just the start. 

You and I both know that diets do not work, in fact being on a diet is frikking exhausting and you’re left confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

This program is honestly my best work. It walks you through step by step on all the steps that you need to know to losing weight and keeping it off for life. 

When I was first starting out, all I wanted was for someone to walk me through the process, give me a little hand holding where I needed it and empower me to have the knowledge to do it myself and not be dependent on anyone else but myself.

This is exactly why I created my academy, so that I can give you everything that I didn’t have and show you that weight loss doesn't have to be so damn hard and that you can enjoy that cookie if that is what you really want. The training in my academy took me YEARS to figure out, and is a totally simple yet powerful approach. 

I'll be your personal fairy god mother, showing you all the steps to transforming your life.

The reason why I created this academy is because every single day my inbox gets inundated with messages asking me how to lose weight, why they aren't seeing results, how to work out how much to eat for your goals, if you need to count calories and all that

SO many people have asked me what exactly I did. Now, truthfully I tried so hard to reply to all these messages, but it was after one day where I spent my entire day replying to peoples DMS that I realised I had to make a change. I didn’t want to leave people with unanswered questions but I wasn’t able to reply like I wanted to. 

So many of you were asking the same questions that I had at the start of my journey, and I created the free training to give you all access to some beginner tips on getting started, and then my academy for those of you who want to level up and get an in depth, step by step approach that If you follow through with it I have no doubt that you will not only lose the weight, or tone up, or whatever your goal is, but keep it off for life. 
This way, I get to walk each and every one of you step by step. I get to empower you to have the answers to your questions, while being by your side and watch the magic happen.
Here's exactly what will be covered:
  • Section 1-Introduction to Macros: Learning about macros and where they fit in; Learning the difference between macros and calorie counting; Learning how to be flexible and make decisions when you're in any food situation
  • Section 2- Setting up your intake: Learning how much you need to be eating for your goal: How to work out your macros; The most accurate way to calculate your maintenance; Adjusting your macros for fat loss and YOUR PERSONAL calorie deficit best for you; Finding a personalised macro split best for you and your goals.
  • Section 3-Accuracy and tracking: Learning how to track your calories without needing to weight out every single food item, Learning my special method of tracking,  How to track when eating out, What to do when you have gone over your macros, Where does alcohol fit in
  • Section 4- What to eat for the best results: Formula for finding balance, What to do if you're 'eating healthy' but still not seeing results, How to eat more and lose weight, How to stay full for longer, Eating to FEEL good, Water goals, How exercise fits in
  • Section 5-Finding meal timing that suits YOU: When you should and shouldn't do intermittent fasting, the best meal timing for YOU
  • Section 6-How to measure your progress: Finding the best way to measure your progress, learning to develop a healthy relationship with the scale, What to do if you have hit a weight loss plateau, how to overcome a weight loss plateau, how to adjust your macros and calories when hitting a plateau.
...Once you have exact clarity on what and how much you should be eating for your goals,
I'll show you how to level it up....
The Acceleration Phase: Learning to achieve your goals without having to track, habit & mindset tools  
  • Section 7-How to stop tracking and still see results: When to stop tracking, overcoming fear of no longer needing to track
  • Section 8-Finding out your why: We dig deep here, and get to your real reasons for wanting to lose the weight
  • Section 9-Achieving consistency: No willpower here! I teach you powerful tools on how to keep consistent. Learn to have control of your outcome. No more eating so well all week, to blow it on weekends. 
  • Section 10-Body Love: How to achieve true body love. When weight loss is made from a space from self hate it looks very different then when it's from a space of self love. You can lose 'x' amount of pounds, but if you're not in the correct headspace it will never be enough. 
  • Section 11-Emotional eating workshop: Learning to tune into your hunger and fullness signals, and stop reaching for that pint of ice cream when you are stressed. 
  • Section 12-Internal cues VS environment: Learning to tune into your natural body signals, learning what foods keep you full, what foods make you feel best.
  • Section 13-Eating split and types of eating: Learn how to lose weight and still enjoy all your favourite treats (Chocolate i'm looking at youuuu!)
  • Section 14-How to feel satisfied: Learning to taste your food, understand your cravings and no longer feel like you 'can't stop at one cookie and have to eat the whole bag'. 
  • Section 15-My 10 principles to keeping it off for life!
Above all else, 

Drop It For Life will give you the tools, resources and framework to become your own weight loss coach for life! 

You'll never have to depend on anyone else again. 

A simple, straightforward 2 step formula that helps you lose weight, and be 100% confident that you’ll never gain it back, while loving yourself every step of the way!

Now I know, there are so many programs or strategies out there claiming to be the next best thing for weight loss.

But honestly, when I tell you that this program is different it’s because it is. It’s not fixated on seeing results that are unsustainable, but rather dives deep into a strategy that you will feel like ‘I can do this’.
It also covers all aspects that you need to know, that is customizable for you as opposed to just giving cookie cutter advice like a lot of programs out there.

This is not some abstract theory, we will be getting straight to the point and give you actionable steps. It’s kinda like a field guide, where I walk you through as your personal guide, show you some powerful techniques and all the strategies that not only worked for me but for all my successful students. I truly believe that there is nothing like this on the market, and this is exactly what I wish I had at the start of my weight loss journey. 
For A LIMITED TIME I'm Also Giving You 5 FREE Bonuses Worth $482
I am giving you some amazing free bonuses because honestly I just want to over deliver in every way possible.

The free bonuses alone comes to the value of $482, so I’m so excited to share.

Here's what I've got for you:
Secret Facebook Mastermind
(Value: $320)
  • Once a month, I answer all your personal questions live.
  • We Stay In Constant Communication In A Secret Facebook Group Exclusively For Students
  • Get Access To Me Personally (I'll Be Super Active In The Mastermind, Answering Questions)
  • Receive Ongoing Support As You Build Your Drop Shipping Business As Part Of A Community
  • Create Accountability Deals With Fellow Students
  • You'll See What Works For Others And You'll Be Able To Learn From Them First Hand As They Share Their Strategies And What Results They're Getting
Beginners Macro and Tracking guide
(Value: $35)
  • If you're a beginner and need a little more.
  • Not sure where and how to start.
  • Walks you through all the basics you need to know
  • Teaches you all the basics about macros and tracking!
Macro Friendly Recipe Book
(Value: $39)
  • Recipe book with 40+ recipes
  • Breakfast ideas, Meal ideas, Snack ideas, Dips & Side dishes
  • Easy and quick to prepare, without any complicated ingredients
  • Making your weight loss journey tasty!
Consistency For Life
(Value: $39)
  • Learn to achieve consistency for life
  • Master planning template
  • How to overcome resistance and learn to get stuff done
  • How to learn from all your 'fails' and turn them into wins
Goal Setting Training
(Value: $49)
  • Learn to set goals in a unique and actionable way
  • Learn how to follow through and actually achieve them
  • Dive deep on what you REALLY want
  • Goal setting planner and workbook
As you can see these free bonuses are so incredibly useful, and come to MORE than what the course as a whole costs. I care more than anything about you seeing results, and that’s why I threw these bonuses in so that I can give you the most value possible. 
A monthly coach can cost anywhere from $100-$400 PER 45 minute session! That comes to $400-$1600 a month…for who knows how many months. THIS COURSE EMPOWERS YOU to become your own and not need to rely on anyone else, for a fraction of the price but ALL the knowledge. 
Throw in all my bonuses and honestly, this course could be priced from anywhere from over $900!
BUT because I GENUINELY want to help you see results, and help you see what is possible, I have priced the course at less than a quarter of this price.
Here's what to do next!
I don’t want you to look at yourself in 6 months from now, with your same weight loss struggles that you have today, asking yourself what it would have been like if only you took action today. 
You spend 24/7 7 days a week in your body for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

If your bed was dirty, had smelly sheets with stains all over it & cockroaches crawling all over in it. How would you feel sleeping in it? My guess is not very well! Would you not immediately clean the sheets, get some fresh lavender linen and fresh pillows?

Then why do we feel like making our bodies which is the home that we will live in 24/7 7 days a week for the REST OF OUR LIVES, less a of a priority? 

That involves the physical (fueling your body and looking your best) but most importantly the MENTAL aspect of feeling CONFIDENT in your skin. 

I truly believe that ‘Drop It For Life’ will equip you to achieve not only what I have, but hundreds of women have done with my help. I want you to look and feel your best, while having full confidence around food.
So if you feel you’re ready for this, I’d love for you to sign up for my academy Drop It For life and welcome you to the family. 

You can do this by making a one time payment of $245.

And if you don't have enough money saved up, there is a payment plan of paying $97 in an easy 3 month instalment.

The value that this course brings is SO much more than this. Making the investment in yourself, and being committed to becoming the best version of yourself is truly priceless.
All I need from you is to click on the link below and join my Drop It For Life Academy. You'll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you've signed up for my Drop It For Life Academy, do a little celebratory dance! Because you would have made an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL decision to finally take action, and be one step closer to achieving your goals! (I wish I could be there dancing with each and every one of you, but I will be seeing you once you're inside ;) )

You'll get instant access to the members are where you will set up your unique username and password.You will also get an on boarding email with all the course access details and links. 

Once this has been done, you’ll be added to the private Facebook mastermind where you’ll be able to bounce ideas off other students, and get live Q & A group coaching calls with me monthly. Honestly, this is one of the best bonuses because you get to immerse yourself in a community that is just like you! 

Once you have been granted access to my academy, you'll get full access to the course which is a video training that will be to the point and effective. 
It will be like having me walking you through your journey step by step on what needs to be done. 
This will include all your added bonuses, worksheets and all other course material.

You can access this 24/7 from your member area and everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks so you never feel overwhelmed.

Stop waisting time and money on things that don't work. 
It's your time!
There is a countdown timer on this page. That is because I can only accept a certain number of students in order to give each and everyone that enrolls that support and help that they need to get the results that they want. 

Once the timer on this page hits zero, the academy doors will be closed and you will not be able to enroll. I do have to preface this by saying that if the course sells out sooner because of the limited seats, I may need to close the course earlier than expected.

 I have had a TON of interest on my early bird waitlist, and even more through everyone on Instagram who have been waiting for this launch.

So if you’re honestly ready to achieve what is possible, then I strongly urge you to act as soon as possible and take the plunge.

I would honestly hate for you to be ‘on the fence’ when the doors to drop it for life close and miss out on this opportunity. 

Spots are granted on a first come first basis, so once they are filled- that's it. 
So if you're truly interested in learning how to lose that weight, tone up and be 100% confident that you’ll never worry about gaining it back, I really recommend you act on it

...before someone else gets your spot and becomes the next success story that could have been you...

So… Are you ready to have the confidence to achieve your dream body for life?

You can now finally answer that question because when you Drop It For Life , you can be 100% confident that you will lose all your weight without ever having to worry about gaining it back. 

When you put my 2 step proven signature approach into action, you’ll have all the knowledge that you need to know to achieve your weight loss success, while building the self confidence & habits that you can maintain for life!
It’s finally YOUR TURN to show yourself what you can achieve!
It's my time to look and feel my best, and have FULL confidence around food. 
YAY! I'm getting $482 worth of FREE bonuses by enrolling today
I'm taking the first step, which is investing in myself.
I'm 18 years or older
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$97 per 3 months
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